KI Company Limited,is a trading and plastic manufacturing company who develops own brand products and also works with different designers under OEM projects to produce their original design products.


KI has developed her own brand hoho innovation with the philosophy “DREAM DESIGNS COME TRUE”, hoping to provide a platform for those who with dreams designs.

奇壹建立自家品牌hoho innovation, 品牌理念是 “DREAM DESIGNS COME TRUE 夢幻設計可成真”,希望提供一個平台給予擁有夢幻設計者。

In recent years, people are in the pursuit of better living of life, Family or Friends” are the driving forces and good partners for the one who is seeking for better living. KI Company Limited will not only develop original designs products, but will also find more different kinds of products for you in order for everyone to share with family or friends living glamorous and to achieve the better living of life.

近年大家都追求優質生活,家人或朋友是大家在追求優質生活過程中不可或缺的原動力和好伙伴。所以 奇壹有限公司 除了致力發展原創產品外, 亦會致力搜羅更多不同種類款式的產品, 務求能為大家與家人或朋友共同分享生活姿采,共同達至優質生活。